Conquests of Tankbird

Day 1 of ?: Whitewater Kayaking Class
July 15, 2009, 10:33 pm
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So it’s supposed to be Day 1 of 5, but I’m taking it one day at a time. I almost quit today… I was pretty surely going to quit at the end of the day when lunchtime rolled around. But I said I’d stick it out for the rest of the day, and I did. And a few more wet-exits later and I felt pretty good. But damn, I was happy to be done.

We started learning wet-exits, where you have to flip upside-down in the kayak, tuck up toward the kayak, pull the skirt off the kayak, and shove yourself out and up toward the surface without untucking. It’s scary at first. It’s still scary at the end. But it’s less scary now than it was at the beginning, and I’ll never have another first wet-exit again. So that’s good. The morning instruction moved really fast, and I was still uncomfortable with wet-exiting so I was afraid of tipping over. At lunch I was overwhelmed and behind and already sore. Then after lunch we split up, and some of us stayed behind on the flatwater to practice some more, and after that I felt a little better. We finished the day with some more wet-exits and then I actually felt good about them. We got a video of a pretty good wet exit of mine, and I’m happy about that. I’ll post it eventually.

But I hurt EVERYWHERE, and it was partially the thought of seeing HP6 tonight that helped me make it through today. Who knows how I’ll do tomorrow without that? 🙂

Egads, I’m sore. And a little apprehensive about tomorrow… but I’ll probably be on a river, and I suppose every day I get better. Must have patience! They said it takes a good 3 days to learn, so I’ll give it some more time. At least one more day.


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