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Go Pats! And other rantings
December 30, 2007, 10:26 am
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Great Patriots game last night!  I had my fears for a while there, but they really pulled it together at the end, and as a New England resident, this makes me very proud.

Today I’m headed to the gym (yay for gym three days in a row!) for some cardio and weight training.  I’ve decided to hit my goal weight this year, after losing a bunch of weight and then being on stasis for, like, a year and a half.  I’ve got 31.8 pounds to go.  Definitely do-able.

I messaged a girl from Craigslist last night because she’s a new climber at the NAC rock wall looking for someone to climb with.  Well, since I’m the most devoted of my climbing buddies, I definitely could use someone to climb with!  She’s psyched, and so am I.  We’ll climb together for the first time this week.  Woo-hoo!

In related news… the Whopper Freakout ads?  Kind of freak me out.  Actually, they make me really sad.  First of all, the way people treat cashiers is just disgusting.  I don’t think it’s cute when someone is yelling at a poor cashier to “go get me a f-ing Whopper now.”  I think it’s a sad testament to our lack of common courtesy.  Second of all, I think it’s a sad but true case study of the obesity epidemic in this country.  Really, if a future civilization were to watch those commercials, I think they could understand a lot about ours.  Namely, the fact that fat-assery is one of our prized cultural values.  Really, people? 

I have fast food every now and then, but I’ve cut it down to once a month, if that.  And I was the biggest french fry fan in the world, so I can personally attest to the fact that the cravings go away when you stop shoving the food into your face.  I’m not saying do away with fast food altogether, but when the lack of a Whopper makes you want to cry, perhaps you should focus on the gaping holes in your life rather than on the fat-wad you’re using to fill them.


Lazy vacation Saturdays = love
December 29, 2007, 12:45 pm
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It’s really a lovely day here now that the morning fog has cleared up.  I’ve nixed the idea of skiing today, though, because I’ve been a lazy slug.  In truth, this is the year I learn to snowboard, and I’m just not willing to face the vacation week crowds at Blandford while flopping around on my ass. I’d rather wait until a weekday night, when rentals are cheaper and crowds are thinner, and flop around then.

I think I’ll head out for some lunch at Panera, and after that a trip to the gym.